Sober On A Drinking Trip- High West Distillery, Utah

A little late on the post here.  Things have had a way of being super crazy lately. Between work, being 6 months pregnant, chasing around a 2 1/2 year old and handmaking baby mobiles (more on that later), life has been a blur for the last few months.  Factor in an incentive trip to Park City, Utah last month that was won by my top performing sales reps selling High West whiskey.  Blurrrr.

Not that I’m complaining.  Contrary to my previous assumptions, Utah is not just one big commune of teetotalling Mormon women with bouffant hairdos and ankle length dresses.   There is actually a really fun culture around Park City full of cute shops, great restaurants and interesting people.  Which is a total relief, because when I realized I would be going on a whiskey trip while pregnant, I wasn’t as excited about it as I normally would have been.

So for you non industry people, an incentive trip happens when a sales team is presented a trip as an bonus for hitting certaiin goals in a time period.  My team worked really hard on distribution in the market last year and sold a LOT of whiskey, putting us over the top.  In fact, there were WAY more people that qualified than I think the supplier originally intended.  Oops!

Anyway, it got put off a bunch of times and I had just about forgotten about it when we were given the dates.  I did the math and realized that I would be about 5 months pregnant.  There went my dreams of over indulging on whiskey in every cocktail bar and hotel bar in Park City.

But, as my husband pointed out, there were not going to be very many opportunities for me to have some kid free solo time in the next couple years and I should really take advantage of the trip.  And yes, he was totally right.  It was a fantastic trip.  And luckily, though my sobriety, I ended up taking WAY more photos than I would have normally remembered to take otherwise.  So I thought I’d share them with you.

Of course, the Slocum crew was ALL too happy to have a sober driver for the trip.  So here is a pic of me at the helm of our 15 person passenger van right as we set off from Salt Lake City.  To be honest, driving the windy roads through the mountain passes of Utah was terrifying in such a big rig, but I realized halfway through the trip that it would probably be scarier trusting someone else to drive.

We definitely lucked out with accommodations, scoring the sweet digs of the Waldorf Astoria Park City.  In room fireplaces?  Heated swimming pool?  Giant soaking jacuzzi in my room?  Yes please.

The original High West Distillery in downtown Park City

The next day, we took the van out to the very beautiful Blue Sky Ranch where the newer High West Distillery is located to meet up with some guides for a day of fly fishing and clay shooting.

I was definitely feeling those waders for sure. And I was just glad that I wasn’t too big yet to fit into them.  We were put into pairs and sent of. f with a local fly fishing guide.  I was happy to spend the day with Gia on the river.  It was such a beautiful day and a really relaxing experience.  I don’t know that I was anticipating trudging back and forth through the river in search for the perfect spot for as long as we did, but in the end it was worth it.  Even though I had to hold hands with our guide or Gia most of the way so I wouldn’t slip on a river rocks.   Here is Gia, moments before catching a fish.

After fishing, the crew at Blue Sky and High West arranged for us to have lunch in a tent, perched high in the scenic hills of the beautiful ranch.  It was pretty incredible and definitely the best view I’ve ever had with a bagged lunch.

Then onto what I was most psyched about.  Clay shooting!  Before the trip when I was talking to our guy Jack from High West and I wasn’t completely sold on the fly fishing, he happened to mention that we would be shooting after and I got all giddy.  Don’t know what it is, but I’m totally down to shoot stuff (in a non violent way of course, haha).  And as it turns out, both Gia and I did pretty well for it being our first time shooting.  I’m no Annie Oakley, but let’s just say that if there is ever a zombie apocalypse, I’d definitely be someone you’d want on your team.

We got paired up again and I was lucky enough to be teamed up with my favorite Greek, Johnny T.  And turns out, dude can shoot too!  Here we are in all of our hopped up shotgunned glory.

Now, can we talk about how beautiful the distillery is?  I mean, it is incredible and I’ve been to quite a few distilleries.  They’ve really gone out of their way to make it a destination.

On our last night, a couple of us gals decided to catch an early dinner in Park City.  We found a great spot called Handle.  According to my savvy wine drinking cohorts, the wine list could use a little work, but the cocktails, “mocktails” and food were all spot on. I could literally see myself eating there all the time.  Such a cute place.  Here are a few snaps from our time there.


I love you, Park City.  I truly can’t wait to go back.  And drink next time!  Big thanks to High West and I am ever so grateful that somehow my love of whiskey has translated into a career that sends me to places like this.